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What is Fleet Leasing?

Fleet leasing provides a wide range of options for commercial vehicle operators.

Through tailored leasing programs and management services, fleet leasing companies provide businesses with alternatives for sourcing, maintaining, and maximising a company’s vehicle fleet. AFLA’s members provide fleet leasing and management services for companies of all sizes.

The types of services fleet leasing/management companies provide include:

  • Buying new and replacement vehicles
  • Registering vehicles with the relevant vehicle registration authorities
  • Paying tolls on roads
  • Dealing with traffic infringement notices
  • Organising fuel card suppliers, and managing the process of issuing new cards and retrieving old cards that are no longer required
  • Keeping up with regulations in areas such as workplace safety, and making sure that vehicles are compliant
  • Selling cars when they have reached the end of their useful or economic life
  • Assessing that the vehicles you use are fit for purpose


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